! A N N O U N C E M E N T !

🥁 A N N O U N C E M E N T 🥁

🗣 Grand Rapids OLé is excited to announce the first Youth Futsal Affiliate | OLé Futsal Club 🗣

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🚨 OLé FC Staff 🚨

Jessie Zamudio
Fabian Rodriguez
Urbano Romero
Jeo Garcia
Johan Vazque
Cole Russell
Alexys Riksen
Jonny Zamudio
Alfonso Zavala
Miguel Cervantes
Lito Esquivel
Sam Esquivel

💭 Words from OLé FC Founder | A change of Focus & Perception 💭

“We are excited to partner with Grand Rapids OLé and take the path of a SOCCER CLUB NEUTRAL BUSINESS, focused purely on FUTSAL. We are re-writing the rules and creating a mind shift on how FUTSAL is viewed in the United States”.

- Jessie Zamudio | OLé Founder

If you are interested in coaching opportunities, contact us today 📲 at: olefcoffice@gmail.com

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